Sometimes size does matter


Responding to requests for shallower, soft seabed sediment samples often in small harbours and marinas, we have developed a lightweight vibrocorer that will significantly reduce deployment costs. 

Whilst it is not intended to replace the 1.5t and 2.8t corers, which are so well proven in the aggregates and offshore energy markets with up to 6m penetration, this smaller corer will provide the opportunity for low-cost soft sediment sampling to 2m or 3m depths. More depth maybe possible but deployment costs go back up.

Designed with "Knockdown Facility" in mind to fit in a 'Transit' type van, and deployable from inshore fishing vessels or harbour workboats, the new corer will satisfy the Marine Management Organisation and CEFAS requirements for pre dredge sampling at depth for contaminanation assessment.  Our experienced geotechnical engineers and marine science technicians provide full "traceability" reporting of sample location, acquisition and transport to laboratories using robust and proven method statements to satisfy CEFAS requirements for avoiding cross contamination and maintaining sample integrity.