USNEL Box Corer


The USNEL type box corer has become the standard sampling tool for surveys in soft or deep sediments. The enlarged surface area of the box (0.25m sq) allows for relatively large sample sizes to be recovered in deep water where the time required to deploy and recover the instrument is significant. The standard box corer is built within a gimballed hexagonal frame The instrument is triggered by a trip as the main coring stem passes through its frame. The depth of penetration (max 65 cm) can be controlled to prevent over-penetration in softer sediments.


The recovered sample is completely enclosed after sampling, reducing the loss of finer materials during recovery. Stainless steel doors, kept open during the deployment to reduce any “bow-wave effect” during sampling, are triggered on sampling and remain tightly closed, sealing the sampled water from that of the water column.


On recovery, the sample can be processed directly through the large access doors or via the removal of the box completely, together with its cutting blade. A spare stainless steel box and galvanised cutting blade can then be added, ready for an immediate re-deployment. The sampler is supplied with additional 0.1m sq templates for macrofaunal sub-sampling if required.