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Welcome to Hayley

Welcome to Hayley Santer, the latest addition to the CMS team.

Hayley has been in the industry since 2003 and well known to many. She has worked with the company in the past but now returns in a different guise to work as a geological technician in our labs and provide all round geotechnical support on our projects around the globe.

Having been told in her early days that she would soon get bored and that the novelty of site work & boats would soon wear off, she finds herself 10 years later, still in the thick of it and taking on new and exciting challenges with an irrepressible enthusiasm, as she continues to develop her skills and experience.

Having worked mainly in coastal survey data acquisition and processing throughout her career, she has now moved into the geological world and has successfully taken on responsibility for our small lab based in our Lowestoft site. You can usually find H happily sorting rock samples, cutting cores, analysing and writing up reports interspersed with a good brew!

When not doing that she is working in the field with our Geotech team either on 3rd party sites and vessels or aboard our MV FlatHolm undertaking various site investigation projects with our High Powered Vibrocore or maybe our Datem 5000 CPT.

Hayley brings an energy and enthusiasm to the company as well as good strong background in the survey industry and we know she is going to be a major force in the team as we continue to build on our geotechnical excellence.

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