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CMS Supports Socotec & Scottish Water

The CMS Geotech team are currently busy supporting SOCOTEC on a six week ground investigation project for Scottish Water at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland. The investigation will help to determine options to improve bathing water quality by determining the geotechnical & chemical properties of the seabed deposits, as well as the underlying superficial soils & bedrock. SOCOTEC have deployed a 215 tonne 18m x 18m modular jack up barge specifically constructed for this project.

The CMS team will support a series of detailed ground investigation works and will be collecting marine sediment samples to 6m below bed level using a high powered vibrocoring unit. Sediment subsamples will be taken and tested for contamination levels to Marine Scotland licence requirements.

The well proven high powered vibrocore built by CMS Geotech was transported via road from our base in Lowestoft last week to be mobilised on site by our geotech team, who travelled up to Burntisland over the weekend.

The work is scheduled to be completed mid week and the sediment samples collected will be taken to SOCOTEC's in-house independent laboratories for testing. The marine sediment analysis will provide vital information to help Scottish Water improve the quality of the bathing water quality at Portobello and Fisherrow.

Dr David Hitchcock, MD said: I am delighted that CMS has been given this opportunity to support SOCOTEC & Scottish Water in such important work. I am confident that our team of dedicated geotechnical engineers will work hard to ensure this project is a success for all parties.

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