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CMS-Geotech is a specialist marine geosciences survey company operating in the UK and around the world providing seabed sampling surveys & marine geotechnical survey support.
CMS-Geotech is in the unique position to be able to offer our clients the peace of mind that only comes from working with a professional team with 20 years operating experience and a proven track record of consistent and reliable results.

 With substantial in-house expertise and equipment, some of which is bespoke, we are able to help you plan and execute geotechnical surveys in such a way as to achieve your objectives, safely, to standard, in budget and on time. 


We have the capability to acquire marine geotechnical data up to 20m below seabed in water depths of up to 3000m using a range of equipment including seabed penetrometers (CPTs), vibrocorers, piston corers, box corers and clam shell grabs as well as a full range of smaller environmental grabs & trawls. For our full range of geotechncial equipment visit our equipment hire page 


We have our own in-house team of marine geotechnical surveyors & technicians to operate and maintain all geotechnical sampling & coring equipment which can be deployed either from our own dedicated survey vessel MV Flatholm, or from a third party vessels.


CMS-Geotech offers a complete stand alone service to support marine geotechnical surveys & seabed sampling operations anywhere in the world with our range of heavy duty, rugged vibrocorers & CPT's easily transportable  to third party vessesl around the world. 


Our highly skilled team of geotechnical operators and surveyors are ready to be deployed around the world working either from our own or third party survey vessels.  



Geotechnical Site Investigations wth Datem Neptune 5000 CPT more 





Coring on FlatHolm
Vibocoring Campaigns
Vibrocoring in Plymouth
Coring in Plymouth
datem CPT5000 being deployed
Datem CPT5000 deployed in Croatia
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Deploying the Vibrocorer