CMS-Geotech is one of the leading marine geotechnical survey companies offering CPT site investigation services around the globe. We are one of the very few operating companies who actually has the geotechnical equipment and expertise in-house including a fully equipped 24m survey vessel, a Datem Neptune 5000 CPT, High Powered & Standard Vibrocorers, experienced and professional geotechnical engineers and geologists as well as a senior management team with over 20 years hands on experience of Geotechnical operations. 
We have the experience to know what works and what doesn't and how to complete some of the most demanding projects in the most cost effective and efficient manner, exceeding our clients expectations and always maintaining an exemplorary safety record. 
Datem Neptune 5000 CPT 
We own and operate our own Datem Neptune 5000 CPT providing accurate, reliable and cost effective solutions in a wide range of seabed investigation projects.
The system utilises 5cm sq or 10cm sq digital Piezocones, including T-bar, ball cone and dissipation tests to penetration depths of up to 20m* below the seabed (depending on ground conditions) With real-time data capture and control from the topside vessel the system allows highly accurate evaluation of the subsoil stratigraphy and geotechnical & geo-environmental properties of the seabed.
The Neptune 5000 CPT benefits from an innovative design comprising rods and drum creating a compact and modular system that can be easily deployed from smaller and more cost effective vessels. CMS-Geotech operates its own 24m survey vessel, MV Flatholm, which is unique in its class because of its manoeuvrability and lifting capacity and has consistently out performed larger survey vessels in both efficiency, speed and cost proving the outstanding performance of both the Datem Neptune 5000 CPT and the MV Flatholm working together as a flexible survey solution.
UXO Site Investigations using CPT and Datem MAG Cone.
Our CPT can be deployed using the Datem MAG Cone magnetometer to detect buried UXO and other metallic signature items. Detection of objects buried within sediments is enhanced using the CPT approach with greater accuracy achieved than otherwise possible using traditional towed sensor investigations


Geotechnical Capabilities


CMS-Geotech is in the unique position to be able to offer our clients the peace of mind that only comes from working with a professional team with 20 years operating experience and a proven track record of consistent and reliable results.


High Powered Vibrocorers.
CMS-Geotech own & operate a number of robust and proven high-powered marine vibrocorers which have been designed, built and proven to withstand the rigours of working in gruelling offshore conditions. Our team of highly skilled geotechnical engineers have built a formidable reputation within the industry for their competence and experience which enables them to deliver safe, reliable & cost effective services to clients around the globe.
Our systems have proven to achieve possibly the best penetration and recovery statistics of any high-powered vibrocorer operating in the UK in the last few years. With over 20 years of operational experience we have adapted and re-designed the vibrocore barrels to build on reliability and strength as well as improve speed of deployment turnaround.
All of our systems have their own real-time topside display ensuring accurate deployment and operation of the system, which when coupled with the operational knowledge of our geotechnical team, delivers an unrivalled package of high quality, accurate and cost effective results every time. We firmly believe in minimising sample disturbance and the realtime surface display of penetration allows the experienced operator to cease the test when all useful progression has been completed. Our high power vibrocore system develops 9000kg of impact force compared to the standard Aimers type corers that develop in the region of 1500-2000kg of impact force.


This unit has a modular frame construction allowing for the recovery of 3, 4, 5 or 6 metre continuous 85 mm diameter samples in water depths of up to 200m. (Additional sample lengths of up to 10m are also available)