Equipment Hire


Neptune 5000 CPT 

Compact & easily deployable 

Up to 20m penetration depth

Operating depths of 3000m

5cm ² & 10cm² digital Piezocones

High Powered Vibrocorers


Suitable for harder, courser, denser sediment

2m to 8m barrel configuration

Up to 200m water depth

9100kgs centrifugal force 


Standard  Vibrocorers


Suitable for soft, fine, loose sediment

2m to 6m barrel configuration

Up to 300m water depth 

2826kg Centrifugal force



Gravity & Piston Corers

3m, 5m & 8m cores at 86mm diammeter

Up to 4000m water depth

Optional core chute




Single Van Veen Grabs


Single bucket sediment sampling device

Stainless steel bucket

Unlimited water depth 



Single Day Grabs 

Single 0.1m²  stainless steel bucket 

Shallow or deep water 

Improved penetration 


USNEL Box Corer


Quantatative high quality block samples

Deep water & soft sediment analysis

Minimum disturbance



Hydraulic Clam Shell Grab


Large-volume sampling

up to 850lt of sediments

50-60cm penetration

Meets CEFAS requirements




Mini Hamon Grabs


0.1m² sample surface area

Stainless steel bucket

Penetration depth up to 20cm


Mega Hamon Grab



Constant Tension Winch

Umbilical managament 

Handles up to 500m of umbilical

Line speed of 50m per minute


Beam Trawls 


2m CEFAS pattern beam trawls 

Unlimited water depth 

Biological & environmental research