Dr David Hitchcock  

B.Sc., Ph.D., M.R.I.C.S, FGS, Chartered Surveyor

Managing Director - Coastline Marine Services Ltd

Managing Director of CMS-Geotech Ltd



Proven track record in successful management of substantial research budgets without cost over-run. Effective in targeting limited resources at technical progression keeping management overheads to a minimum.


  • Marine Technology Directorate: Research Associate for project assessing environmental effects of draghead designs on the seabed – completed 1992


  • PhD: research project assessing physical impacts of aggregate dredging operations developed use of ADCP techniques for monitoring aggregate dredging in the UK – completed 1997


  • US Minerals Management Service: Senior Researcher assessing the extent, nature and impact of plumes developed by dredging operations- produced definitive report on status of knowledge on aggregate plume morphology and other aspects of aggregate dredging – completed 1998


  • ARC Marine: Co-originator of Strategic Benthic Resource Assessment to provide early indication of likely scenarios with respect to benthic communities and aggregate extraction – 5 assessments completed


  • UMD / SCS research project quantifying the extent of overboard returns by overspill - completed 1998. Currently waiting for instruction to proceed with quantifying the extent of overboard returns by reject chute


  • US Minerals Management Service: Project Supervisor for current research project investigating the biological footprint and geological footprint of aggregate dredging plumes, initial community recovery, organic content and implications of plumes, habitat mapping techniques by sidescan sonar mosaicing – current


  • Author/contributor to 10 research papers concerning dredging including contamination of marine silts, author of over 60 research/survey/monitoring reports


  • Marine Surveyor with extensive relevant experience of field data collection for aggregate industry prospecting, environmental monitoring of dredging activities, biological sampling & monitoring, field data for preparation of environmental impact assessments