Double Day Grab


The Double Day Grab allows collection of two 0.1m2 samples at the same time allowing comparative sampling for differing composites from the same site as well as speeding up the sampling process and improving cost efficiency.


The Double Day Grab is based on the same design as the Single Day Grab but with two stainless steel buckets mounted beside each other in a frame. Once lowered and the frame has made contact with the seabed, the latch plates on the buckets unlock and they are released. As the grab is retrieved the bridles connected to the buckets come under tension and the buckets close collecting the sediment sample before the grab is brought back to the surface.


The buckets have hinged stainless steel flaps on the top to allow access to the sediment for sub sampling before the grab is emptied.


Additional ballast can be attached to the buckets in the form of lead weights to improve stability and control in stronger currents as well as improving penetration in compacted substrates.