Hydraulic Clam Shell Grab





The hydraulic clam-shell grab is the preferred tool for the large-volume sampling of seabed surface sediments in water depths of up to 100m.
The large jaws are hydraulically operated and the CMS-Geotech grab can sample up to 850 litres of sediments from soft estuarine muds to densely packed gravels and cobbles, with penetration of up to 50-60cm. The volumes obtained allow a thorough representation of surface sediments from which biological or geological sub-samples may be obtained.
The grab meets the stringent CEFAS requirements for marine aggregates prospecting and has removable top lids to prevent washout of delicate surface biota during retrieval to the surface. Hinged access panels allow inspection & photography before the clamshell jaws are opened.
The clamshell grab can be plumbed in to existing ship’s hydraulic and power supplies or can be supplied as a complete, self-contained package. Applications include marine aggregates prospecting, cable and pipeline routes and geological and benthic site investigations.